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Leadership Annotated Bib and Paper – due in 30 hours

Leadership Annotated Bib and Paper – due in 30 hours

The annotated bib is due in 30 hours and must be submitted 

Topic: Ethical Leadership: Very Important in an organization.   It is essential that we have an ethical leader and an effective team. There are certain qualities that individuals should possess to be a leader, and being ethical is one. I want to go into details on what an ethical leader entails. 


10 sources for the annotate bib:


The overall structure of the Annotated Bibliography should be as follows:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents of sections with each article alphabetized
  • The summarized articles in alphabetical order
  • An analysis of the articles relating them to one another
  • Conclusion stating what you have learned from the articles

The format of each article analyzed in the annotated bibliography should be as follows:

  • Citation of the Journal Article
  • The stated Problem addressed by the article
  • The Purpose of the article
  • The Methods used to gather the data in the Article (this may not be applicable in all cases since most of the articles are theoretical arguments)
  • The Findings and Conclusions of the Article
  • Your Opinion of the validity of the Article in helping us understand public organizations and why you tend to believe this way
  • Bibliography

Citation Style

  • APA
  • Minimum Requirements for the Annotated Bibliography
  • At least 10 pages in length, not counting the title page but no more than 15 pages. Standard margins, 1.5 line, 12 point Ariel Font.
  • No less than 10 sources from referred journal articles and textbooks, excluding the textbook for this course.

Grading Criteria

General grading criteria for the Annotated Bibliography is set out in Grading Standards for Written Assessments.  In addition to these general criteria, the following specific criteria are used in grading:

1) Analysis: A sufficient number of leadership theory concepts and theories are discussed in the paper;

2) References: A variety of pertinent and timely references were sought and obtained in preparing the paper;

3) Organization: The main points are stated clearly and arranged in a logical sequence;

4) Coherence: The development of ideas, arguments and discussion shows consistency and logical connection;

5) Clarity: The ideas, arguments and discussion shows consistency and logical connection;

6) Conciseness: The language is direct and to the point, using sufficient space to say exactly what is intended and be readily understood by the reader.'

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