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leadership paper (Adolf Hitler)

leadership paper (Adolf Hitler)

This is a scholarly, data-driven, cited assignment on a Historical or Current Leader.  The paper is expected to be between 7 to 8 typed pages, not including APA citations and bibliography.  Please ensure you have a coversheet with your name and course number on it.  The paper should be Times New Roman, 12-pt font, double spaced.

Choose one Leader that you can find articles, books, or data on.  It can be a leader from anywhere in the world, and remember you have to be able to find references on them.

Within the paper discuss:

  • A brief history of leader… (1+ page) Where did they grow up, what inspired them, education level, etc…
  • Where do or did they work, what was their position?
  • Using the textbook, what kind of leadership techniques does, or did this leader use (1-3 pages)?  Were they successful? 

You should have at least 4 outside sources, plus the text book.  The outside sources CANNOT be wikipedia or a blog.  Ensure that whatever sources you cite within the paper are in your APA bibliography.

Minimize the use of quotations… paraphrase your work and cite it appropriately.

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