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MBA 5110 – Business Organization and Management

MBA 5110 – Business Organization and Management

MBA 5110 – Business Organization and Management

Midterm Exam 

Answer each of the following questions in this document, inserting your answers between each question. You may use your textbook and notes, but you may not consult with another individual. You may not use the Internet for assistance in answering these questions. Each question should be answered with a minimum of one paragraph, properly formatted according to APA 6th edition guidelines and referencing your textbook. Please list your textbook in a reference section at the end of this document. Submit this Word document with your answers to Moodle.

1. How have organizational structures and management styles changed over the past century?

2. Explain the concept of open and closed systems and how this relates to organization theory.

3. Define each of Porter’s Competitive Strategies and give an example of a company using each of these strategies.

4. Compare vertical and horizontal organizational structures in terms of effectiveness and adaptability in the rapidly changing business environment.

5. Choose one of the following theories and explain the theory. Give an example of a company that demonstrates the chosen theory and how the company uses the theory.

Theories: Chaos Theory, Resource-Dependence Theory, Population-Ecology Perspective, Contingency Theory, or Organizational Learning Theory

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