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MGMT2023 – Financial Management 1 Individual Graded Assignment

MGMT2023 – Financial Management 1 Individual Graded Assignment

Financial Management Question

MGMT2023 Individual Assignment Semester 1 2019/2020

MGMT2023 – Financial Management 1 Individual Graded Assignment

Semester 1 2019/2020

This assignment is based on Units 6 and 7 of the course and is worth 15% of your coursework marks and will be graded out of 40 points.

The assignment should be submitted to the dropbox on or before the deadline of November 10, 2019, 11:55 PM. For guidelines on late submissions, kindly refer to your

course guide (pages 13 to 14).

Required: Go to enter the ticker symbol for a company that is listed and trading on the NASDAQ. Scroll down to the panel on the left and click on “Stock comparison”, located under Stock Analysis heading.

This will take you to a page with data on the stock you have chosen along with 4 other firms within the same industry. Save the information you have collected or print the page for your future use.i Knowledge of the industry of the firm you have chosen will be meaningful in your analysis of the firm’s data.

1. Present your chosen company by stating the industry in which it operates, market value in relation to the other stocks in the industry, and its institutional holdings. (5 points)

2. Compare the market value of the stocks in the same industry/sector and briefly comment on the 52-week high and the 52-week low price of the stocks. Which stock has the highest and the lowest change in price? What may have contributed to the changes? Research and provide fundamental information on the companies to support your position.(10 points)

3. Define the term beta and analyse the beta of each of the five stocks and provide feedback on the risk return relationship which exists when you compare the earnings (EPS and P/E) of those stocks. (10 points)

4. Comment on the dividend yields of the companies. Is a high dividend yield better than a low yield? Comment in relation to the companies in your comparison. (5 points)

5. Which of the shares would you recommend purchasing, holding and/or selling? Justify your position based on stock price, dividend yield, earnings, or other fundamental information you might gather about the company. (10 points)

6. Provide references used during your research and any assumptions you may have made.

(5 points)




MGMT2023 Individual Assignment Semester 1 2019/2020

Individual Assignment Rubric

You will be graded based on the level and quality of detail to each of the sections above – with justification and through analysis provided for questions 2 to 5.

i The data is likely to change throughout the day. We would like to work with static data.

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