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Strategic Planning & Strategy FormulationNote: This is a signature assignment that will be graded using the special rubric below to assess Information Literacy.Current Event Blog 3 For this SLP submission you will be asked to submit your third blog entry about another important aspect of the strategic management process and to provide examples based on current events pulled from recent articles from reputable sources. (You will need to use at least five peer-reviewed articles for this assignment.) Peer-reviewed articles can be located by using the Trident Online Library. Please make sure that you cite/reference correctly in APA.For this Signature Assignment, the articles for your blog entry must be no older than 12 months old.For your third SLP discuss the importance of the strategy formulation and planning phase. Identify five recent peer-reviewed articles that discuss a recent major strategic effort on the part of an organization. What would you have recommended if you were sitting at the strategy planning table? Examples of such an effort might include mergers, buy-outs, sell-offs, introduction of innovative products, strategic marketing campaigns, and the like.  Discuss to what extent you believe this effort will succeed given the organization’s external environment. What is the takeaway for your reading audience? That is, what strategic planning lessons can be learned from the situation you highlighted in your blog entry?SLP Assignment ExpectationsYour SLP assignment should be a minimum of  3 pages in length. You are required to use APA formatting and you are required to cite and reference your sources. There should be a minimum of five reputable sources cited and referenced in your paper

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