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Music Concert Report

Music Concert Report

Attend a concert in person between the beginning and end of the course, and write a report. (Be sure to take notes while you’re there!). The concert need not be a performance of classical music, but please select a live concert of music other than the kind you usually prefer. Professional or amateur performances, free or with paid admission, are acceptable, but the concert must be open to the public.

Your concert report will address the following, in full sentences:

  1. Name of performance, performer(s), including soloists, and what instrument or ensemble was involved.

 Gustavo Dudamel 

Jean Yves Thibaudet

Julia Bullock

  1. Date and time of performance and its duration.

9/25/2019Specific location of performance and cost of admission.

$138, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

  1. Estimated size of the audience and its demographic make-up.
  2. Comment on the acoustics and ambience of the performing space and on the use of amplification.
  3. The number of pieces performed and their titles. (If you can’t identify a title, describe it the best you can).
  4. Which piece(s) you enjoyed most and least and why (be specific).
  5. Were any encores performed? What were they?
  6. How did it the audience react to the performance?
  7. Any other comments you may wish to make about the concert.


  • 500 words minimum
  • APA style, 12-point type

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