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Need someone to do work with in an hour super quick

Need someone to do work with in an hour super quick

Community Reflection Assignment: Report on a community event (program or service project) with an ethical component.  After attending a community event or participating in a service project, please prepare a report, a short case study, or a script for how you might lead a debate, seminar, or other class activity on this ethical topic.  Your report might also be a Power Point that you would consider presenting to the class.  The goal here is to encourage ethics students to attend programs at universities (Donahue Center programs, events sponsored by the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion, Exhibits in Yamawaki, Student Activities, Fuss Center and academic department programs that may have ethical commentary; there are others  , as well) and / or to participate in community service activities that they enjoy.  Your paper or presentation should be a minimum of two pages for written documents or a minimum of 5 slides in Power Point.   Turn the report or presentation in here.  For grading, 60% is the “attending the event” part, 20% is reporting on it, and 20% is reflecting on it.

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