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Final Synthesis Paper / Assignment (21%)

An individual, final synthesis paper will be the final product where you will describe your personal experience in the group and will include 

(1) Pre-group planning: how the group came to a consensus on the purpose of the group and the new group formation process

(2) A discussion of group skills and techniques (listening, linking, etc…) used by the group facilitators in creating an atmosphere conducive to the development of group trust and cohesiveness

(3) The progress of your group through the specific developmental stages

(4) A discussion of the issue of establishing trust within the group

(5) A discussion of leadership styles exhibited by group facilitators 

(6) A discussion of the establishment of group rules, along with implicit and explicit group norms

(7) Ethical and diversity considerations

(8) Management of potential conflict or difficult members

This paper is an analytical overview and description of each group’s development with emphasis on and reference to the various theories, practices, and processes as defined and explained in the text and class lectures. Please give specific and concrete examples from your group experience to support and substantiate your statements. The paper should clearly indicate your knowledge, understanding, and synthesis of course materials and information. It is highly recommended that you keep a log of your perceptions of your group experience each group session. This paper will be a maximum of 10 pgs., double-spaced, APA style, Time New Roman, 12 font, with a reference list of at least 7 professional literature references related to your group experience and process. Please remember that the experiential component is critical to your overall experience in the course. 

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