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Based on the information provided above, Jackson Street Youth Services, Kid Co., Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services, and Healthy Families are organizations that will be essential in developing our program plan. It will also be important to establish what role these organizations play in partnering with the local grade schools in order to improve outreach strategy and build intercommunal relationships. Organizations like Healthy Families, who work to connect low income families with the community may be helpful in connecting families with young children with SNAP offices to encourage them to enroll in SNAP. Also, organizations like Jackson Street Youth Services, Kid Co., and Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services may prove to be helpful in providing additional support to families with school-aged children when encouraging them to apply for SNAP benefits. Additional information on child based organizations within close distance of the elementary schools in Corvallis will be needed in order to reach a bigger number of our target population. Groups such as local Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and local food pantries will be critical in increasing SNAP utilization among low income families in Corvallis. Their willingness to provide SNAP information to families is also very important. As seen in Jackson Street Youth Services, the organization is currently uninterested in learning more about SNAP outreach and education strategies. Although this is the case, with increased collaboration Jackson Street Youth Services may want to improve their SNAP outreach program as other organizations help mobilize their community.Overall, there are many organizations that are currently serving the community in SNAP outreach. Organizations that work to empower low income families will be the workhorse in increasing SNAP utilization. More information will be gathered from local schools and PTAs.  There is room for improvement and organizations will need to collaborate in their efforts in order to reach maximum SNAP utilization among families in Corvallis.

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