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peer responses

peer responses

Please give a response/feedback to both comments posted below.

Make sure you start your response by saying " Hello Luejack"… "Hello Erica"

Comment  LUEJACK 1: 

How can Human Resources add organizational value?

First and foremost, I want to say I like the way that the OP frames the description of human capital within an organization as “optimizing the human potential of an organization.” I have heard/read this put several different ways. However, this was the first to really have sufficient emphasis on the employee’s growth to make an impact. This idea is exactly how HR can add organizational value to an institution – by being the catalyst for human capital growth and development.

More specifically, HR is intrinsically involved with the most important aspects of human capital management within an organization. This includes talent acquisition, the hiring process for an organization which is important for filling the various roles each company has available, but this should not be taken lightly. Further, HR is generally responsible for some kind of orientation or training within the organization, which will serve as a kind of first impression to the work of the new employee (Bretos, 2019).

Comment 2  Erica:

Recommend two strategies that an HR department can take to become a more valuable resource/organizational department?

A strategy that human resource can take to become more valuable to an organization is by being more available and this not because they hide behind a closed door.  But sometimes HR has so many things going on all at once that seeing or talking to HR can be difficult for employees.  I worked for a global organization that had a HR call center where employees can call in with basic questions such as benefit questions, employee assistance programs and if they could not answer the question because it was regarding payroll they would take the information and once they got an answer for the employees they would respond via email or phone call.  Find other ways of communication for a HR is a great strategy that will make them more valuable.

A second strategy that human resources can take to become more valuable is to focus on the culture of the organization.  Human resources seem to get so busy that they forget about maintaining the culture of an organization.  HR can help to ensure unity across the leadership team, coaching those at the top and making them aware of negative behaviors and how these impact the company as a whole (Luman, 2016).  I worked for an organization in the past that used their mission statement everywhere which was a great way to maintain the culture and its expectations.  For example, the mission statement was “Team work makes the dream work” you could find this statement in the break room, emails or company flyers.  Advertising culture is a great way to maintain it and ensure employees remember it.

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