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Planning project

Planning project


Silver Airways recently announced its purchase of Seaborne Airlines that is based in Puerto Rico.  Expanding its flight routes within the Caribbean, makes the company the highest volume airline to the Bahamas and the Caribbean from Florida.  In addition to its Bahama and Caribbean flights, Silver Airways serves the Southeast and Northeast states. 

You recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in business.  You are a new hire at Silver Airways and your manager has asked you to assist him with building a Strategic Plan to reach the goal of merging with an airline carrier serving the Northeast US (Not with Seaborne). Using the course material (weeks 1 – 3) and your research on Silver Airways and its acquisition of Seaborne Airlines, you will first conduct a SWOT analysis on the current state of the airline to determine its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  You will then identify company goals, explain these goals and define objectives for each identified goal.

In answering the requirements, you will support the reasoning and conclusions made, which means you will explain ‘why and how’ rather than relying on making statements. This is a most important requirement so do not overlook it.

Step 1:  Research

Review the links below to learn more about each airline, the merged map of flights, and the strategic plan that led to the merger:

You may do additional research.  Make sure to take notes and do not take the research lightly as the more research you do the more you will understand Silver Airways and the better the SWOT analysis will be

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