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plot points

plot points

Review the opening scenes, the so-called exposition of the film Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg (2018); or focus on the opening scenes of the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, if you prefer. (Free pdf on Unit One Reading Module.) 

Compose 250-300 word essay that describes the way the film or novel begins: describe a setting, the tone (camera angles, music, etc. or descriptive language), and any characters and their actions as the story begins. What important issue(s) or themes will develop as the story unfolds? How can you tell? Identify a particular moment or a particular chapter in the opening and analyze what's being set up for us. How does it begin? What does it promise to be about? How do you know? Don't go too far in — the primary conflict scene that usually follows the exposition of a work of fiction identifies the protagonist and antagonist of the story, explains what's at stake, and sets things into motion. 

Your task is to describe one of the scenes in the exposition or the conflict scene in vivid detail. Take us there with you so you can show us what each component — the setting, characters and issues (themes) —  looks like and what action is set in motion. 

Please use the attachment below to help you make sure that you included everything in the paper.

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