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Police administration Final – due in 36 hours

Police administration Final – due in 36 hours


You will be provided with four essay questions. You are required to respond to each question if you were the Chief of Police or high ranking official within a police department. Each response will be worth 25 points. Your original response to each essay question is to be 500 words – excluding direct quotes. 



1. How would you incorporated technology into policing? What is the appropriate use of technology and what are its goals? How does technology complement human policing?

2. Describe your plan in working on terrorism related matters. 

3. How would you develop ties and relationships with other law enforcement?

4. Do you believe it necessary to have greater diversity in the make-up of the Department's sworn personnel? If yes, how would you increase the percentage of sworn members from under-represented groups? Specifically address your strategy for encouraging persons of color to apply. 

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