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Post responses

Post responses

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.Respond to your colleagues by doing the following:First, respond to the Discussion posts of twocolleagues. If possible, respond to colleagues who have not yet received feedback on their original post. Consider the problem they have described, and brainstorm at least 5 additional ideas that might solve their problems. Post your ideas as a response to your colleagues to help them consider new aspects of their problem.Second, respond to the post of one of your colleagues (you may choose one of the colleagues for whom you offered new ideas, or select another colleague’s post. If possible, respond to a colleague who may not yet have received feedback): Select one of the ideas you find most interesting as a possible solution and make a case for why this idea could be a potential solution to the problem identified by your colleague.Additionally, as part of your response, share your observations about the design thinking process. Explain aspects of it that were helpful in generating ideas and evaluating solutionsPost1 Phase OneWhile I work for my church as an administrator, I do most or my work and all of my coursework from my desk at home. My desk is located in my living room which could be a problem do to the noise from the kids running around as well as the television that is constantly turned up to the max. The most ideal thing about my workspace is that it is located in my home. This gives me the ability to somewhat work at my own pace. Another ideal thing about my workspace is that I actually have my own desk. This is very important to me because I am able to organize it to my liking. My workspace could use a lot of improvement such as location as well as lighting. Location is something that I cannot fix at the moment because my home is only so big, but I can work to improve the lighting of the area. My work place is set up with one file box and a candy jar. There are two pictures of my children tacked to the wall but no other personal affects.Phase TwoAs stated above lighting one of the challenges that I need to work on to give me the ideal workplace. Therefore below I will list about ten innovative ideas that could help me improve the lighting of my workspace.Purchase two clip on lights to clip to my desk at add more light Add a shelf to the wall area above my desk and add lights under the shelf Purchase a lamp and place near my desk Relocate my desk to another area in my house such as the bed room. (the room is  much smaller than the living room thus allowing the lighting to seem brighter) Add a bright color paint to the wall Add bright items to my desk Have lights added to my wall around my desk like a vanity Buy a new desk that have built in lights Purchase a computer or computer case that have built in lights, this design would be kind of like the case design to help people take better selfie pictures. Purchase brighter light bulbs for my living room  Post2What about the workspace is already optimized or ideal? My space is well lighted. It is spacious and opened. I can use my living room or dining room to do my work. It is a calm environment. I have a nice view when I look out my window.Why do these things work well? These things make doing my work relaxing. I do not have to make room to work. I can even watch TV or listen to my music. I am also able to hear what is going on around me.What about the workspace could be improved?My work space is good, but I cannot close the door to distractions or noise. There is no privacy. I could use more openness.Are there problems or difficulties that you repeatedly experience? The only things I experience is my five-year-old being in the way and being very noisy,waiting my attention or play in my space. I also can do work earlier.What behaviors, functions, and interactions in your workspace are interesting or notable? I am not sure what is interesting it is just my living and dining room. I am able to see my daughter when she is playing.My problem is that when my child is home or I have company over, I have no room for doing work in a quiet environment. No matter where I go I can here noise or distractions. I would need more space to get the room and privacy that I need to work in peace.Phase 2My list:Have a larger space.Move to another part of the house.Have more privacy.Be able to put up a door.Have my child go to her brother’s home.Do work earlier.Make a closet an office area.Have other activities for daughter to do while doing homework.My main goal is to be able to complete whatever I have to do in a user friendly, relaxed environment. I do not care about the size for the most part. I just need work space  for about 1 hour.

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