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Principles of leadership

Principles of leadership

 Select an organization and conduct extensive research. You are then to prepare a paper, no less than five substantial pages. In this paper you will discuss the leadership methods, styles and approaches being utilized. Additionally, you shall explain what leadership theories and approaches enumerated in the Northouse text have been implemented within the organization. You may draw from the theories from any of the chapters in the Northouse text.

Any problems found within the organization should be analyzed and discussed.

Current leadership practices should be highlighted and discussed. Traits of a particular leader, (both positive and negative) that you admire may be discussed.
Be prepared to discuss your research in detail to the class.

The organization you analyze may be large or small. It may be your current or former place of employment. If the organization is a current or former employer, a fictional name can be assigned to the organization and the leaders being discussed.

To be considered complete, you should address at least eight issues found in eight different chapters. These can be traits, approaches, theories, leadership styles or leadership issues (ethics, culture, women, etc. in leadership) as discussed in the text. When referring to a particular issue from the text, it would be helpful if you type in bold font the first few words of the issue being discussed

If you cannot locate specific information regarding a particular issue, you may compose a hypothetical situation in the organization as it might apply to the particular issue as described in a chapter. Any hypothetical situation should be typed in italics and in bold type. 

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