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Privacy Issues

Privacy Issues

This assignment will assess the competency 9. Explore ethical issues in the field of IS. Knowledge and skills leading to mastery of this competency: Directions: With today’s computers, the right to privacy is an especially challenging problem. Corporate privacy and the privacy of individuals is a major concern of the Federal Government. Write a 2-3 page paper to address congressional bills that deal with privacy issues in relation to information technology. Examine each of the pieces of legislation and give an example situation for each. Discuss what individuals can do to protect their privacy. This assignment needs to have the following: • A cover page (includes student’s name, date, class title, and assignment title) • Paper needs to be 2-3 pages (minimum 2 full pages), 12 point font, double spaced, and writing is grammatically correct • A reference page (If you are referencing information from a textbook or other source, then an APA formatted citation and reference page is necessary)

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