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Problem Solution Essay (Entry-Level) before Nov. 28th midnight

Problem Solution Essay (Entry-Level) before Nov. 28th midnight

Help to write an problem solution essay (Entry-Level)

Topic: The American Dream: families need two salaries to survive.

The whole essay should be focusing on discovering problem and how to solve it.

For example: If both parents are working, who will take care of the children when they are sick. And one of the solution might be hire a person to take care of them.

P.S. Four sources are required in the essay(in the format of APA). Includes three academic sources, edu., gov., or reliable website, to support the solution. Citation should be made in each body paragraph. About 5-7 pages long not include reference. Reference is also required in the format of APA. 

1. Introduction

2. Problem (Body)

3. Solution  (Body)

4. Counter argument (Body)

5. Conclusion

Sheets, requirement and sample in different topic are attached.  

Note: It is an assignment of language school. Please write in "entry level"

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