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Project Paper Cyber-Security

Project Paper Cyber-Security

Project Paper Cyber-Security



You are a consultant for a Security Provider. Your company has been hired to conduct a Red Team style Pentest and NIST Cyber Security Framework maturity audit. From the engagement, you identify the following deficiencies:

1.       Documents containing PII were found in open site near community printers

2.       A flat network

3.       Default passwords in both the corporate and Process Control network environments

4.       Personnel entering rooms freely without identification

5.       No restriction on websites accessible from the corporate network

6.       Lack of a formalized asset management program

7.       Open wireless networks

8.       Expired licenses on endpoint protection software

9.       Ad hoc patching cycles

10.   No formalized Incident Response or Disaster Recovery plans



Write a paper detailing your recommendations for remediation. The paper must address each of the deficiencies.

While in the real world, we would be constrained by budget and personnel resources when attempting to remediate deficiencies, you have no budget restriction for this assignment. Rather, my intention is to see what recommendations you are able to provide based on what you have learned from this class.


The paper must be 2000-2500 words, use MLA formatting with a Title, Works Cited page and page numbers.


Points will be deducted for papers not within MLA formatting guidelines. If you need assistance finding information on how to format a paper in MLA, please seek out your instructor for resources or contact the University Library for assistance.

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