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project part 6

project part 6

The CIO of the online grocery store PeaPod ( see below for website info) has asked you to create a website security plan that will keep the information that they are entrusted with safe, secure and out of the news. For this assignment, please include the following:An executive summary.An introduction to the plan.A web security plan strategy (also include the security policy that you designed for module 03).Deliverables.Test cases.You will have at least 5 sources for this paper, with 2 being scholarly sources. Include in-text citations in your paper. Your sources need to be listed according to APA formatting guidelines on your reference page.Include an APA formatted title page.Plan should be a minimum 3 pages.***Peapod Website info** – store will require you to put in a zip code to browse their website. You will need to “browse as a guest.” Before browsing as a guest, you will need to type in a zip code. Please use the following zip codes:For Peapod, use – 60446due 7am cst tomorrow APA format 

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