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PSYC315 Social Psychology

PSYC315 Social Psychology

PSYC315 Social Psychology

Week 8 Final Exam   

Question 1 CO 5. There has been a bumper crop of politicians who have been revealed to be less than upstanding citizens. John Edwards, a former senator who was in the running for the 2008 presidential nomination, and who said family values were at his core, was revealed to have had an affair with a campaign worker, at the same time his wife was battling cancer. Similarly, New York governor Eliot Spitzer, a married, moralizing crusader for laws against sexual tourism, was caught in an escort service “sting”, and forced to resign. These are only two of several recent examples of politicians who have celebrity status and flaunted the social norms of decency.

Apply the course concepts of the dark side of self-esteem and moral hypocrisy to this type of behavior. What do you conclude about people who behave in such a way? Hint: Explicitly use each concept by name and also give a one-sentence definition of it before explaining how the concepts apply to these people.

Question 2 CO’s 4 and 12. At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Cuban Taekwondo athlete Angel Matos fell to the mat, after being hit by his opponent. He became incensed at the referee, who disqualified him for exceeding the one-minute time-out allowed for an injury. Matos angrily disputed the call, physically pushing a judge and then pushing and kicking the referee in the face. He spat on the mat and was escorted out by officials. The World Taekwondo Federation immediately banned Matos for life, and the IOC took away his bronze medal.

This is a two-part question:

a. What is it about the fundamental nature and structure of the Olympics that helps explain why this situation occurred?

b. This example contains evidence of both hostile aggression and instrumental aggression. Which part of the example involves hostile aggression, and which part of the example involves instrumental aggression? Explain your reasoning.

Question 3 CO 9. Barack Obama became a very hot political commodity in 2006 when he caught the attention and imagination of the American public by announcing his intention to run for President in 2008. He is a tall, nice looking, and a very articulate individual, which quickly made him a media darling. Some media watchers have described his impact as similar to a rock star.

Name two (2) factors of interpersonal attraction mentioned in the textbook that would explain his attractiveness to audiences.

Question 4 CO 6.  When will desegregation most likely to lead to improved race relations, and when will it not improve race relations?

Question 5 CO 3. Angelica and Michael are chatting about how things are going in their business statistics class. Angelica remarks that she got 68 percent on the Midterm. Michael says his mark was 92 percent. Angelica feels discouraged when she hears Michael’s score. This is an example of which one of the following concepts?

Group of answer choices

social identity

personal identity

social comparison

low esteem

Question 6 CO 13. By definition, militant animal rights groups, like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), are socially deviant because they use bombings, arson, and poisoning to get their messages to get attention in the media. PETA has done major damage to retail outlets, laboratories, and clinics while innocent people have come close to being killed by PETA’s activities. Other groups have behaved similarly in the past, and the technique seems to have been successful. Even so, PETA has a large following of supporters from all the media attention, who by their support, are encouraging the organization to continue its aggression. What theory or concept of aggression, in the textbook, corresponds to the argument that PETA continues its anti-social ways, because it gets attention and support for their cause, and reflects an imitation of observed behaviors of other people?

Group of answer choices

equity theory of motivation

social learning theory

hostile aggression

frustration-aggression hypothesis

Question 7 CO 1. Myers suggests that he can make a confident guess about your attitude towards the 2003 invasion of Iraq, if he knows your educational level and what media you read and watch. This is an example of which one of the following?

Group of answer choices

how intellectual training alters our political views

the power of the situation

the power of social influence

a self-fulfilling prophecy

Question 8 CO 8.  Six people who interact with each other and have influence on each other several times a week are which of the following according to social psychologists?

Group of answer choices

a clan

a mob

a collectivity

a group

Question 9 CO 4. After seeing several advertisements for the Powerball lottery, you imagine living the life of the rich and famous for yourself. This future self-schema you imagine is an example of which one of the following?

Group of answer choices

gloried self

feared self

possible self

hoped-for self

Question 10CO 2. Suppose you are interested in finding out about the fine motor skills of senior citizens who are recovering from a stroke. It is important that you eliminate as many confounding variables as you can and have direct control of the environment. Which one of the following is the best research method for your study?

Group of answer choices

unobtrusively observe seniors in a stroke rehab program (field study)

ask seniors who have had a stroke, if you can interview them (survey research)

invite seniors who have had a stroke to your lab, and observe how they pick up a variety of small objects (experiment)

Question 11 CO 11. Henry is asked to participate in a blood drive. He thinks about the costs (being pricked by a needle) and the benefits (feeling good about himself) of doing so. This strategy is an example of which one of the following?

Group of answer choices

social responsibility norm

empathy-altruism hypothesis

social comparison theory

social exchange theor

Question 12 CO 7.  There is a water shortage in the City of Crossroads, and all households have been asked to curb their lawn watering between 11 AM and 3 PM, when evaporation is at its highest on hot days.  However, some residents persist in watering throughout the day, thus consuming more water than their share, even though the cost of the water is dispersed among all citizens.This result is described as which one of the following?

Group of answer choices


environmental irresponsibility


tragedy of the commons

Question 13 CO 3. After losing the third hand of poker in a row, and running out of chips, Georgio walks over to the wall and hits it so hard with his fist that he makes a big hole in the drywall, releasing his anger on something other than himself. This is an example of which one of the following?

Group of answer choices


hostile aggression

Parkinson’s Second Law


Question 14 CO 9.  Expecting that someone will be pleasant and compatible (anticipatory liking) increases the chances of which one of the following?

Group of answer choices

becoming involved in an inequitable relationship

a co-dependent relationship

the weaker party being exploited in the early stages of the relationship

forming a mutually rewarding relationship

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