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Reaction Paper-Motivation and Emotion

Reaction Paper-Motivation and Emotion

Reaction paper must include a minimum of two full paragraphs, with a minimum of 250-300 words if possible.  The topic I have chose that is covered in course material and/or course text is MOTIVATION and EMOTION.  I have included a link of a powerpoint from my course that needs to be used to get information from.  You can also get information using my school’s online library:MDC library.  Please AVOID using other online sources!! the link to powerpoint: material paraphrased and/or quoted within paper (including material from online course components and/or course text) must be properly cited and referenced following APA 6.0.  A reference listing must be included at the end of paper.  Word count DOES NOT include references.  Please do not use the references as a word count.  Be sure to name and describe, in your own words, the topic I selected (MOTIVATION and EMOTIONS), being sure ton include citations and related references for the paraphrased description of the topic.  This is a reaction paper please don’t address the scholarly research completely, quickly summarize the topic within the two paragraphs.  I will do the other half of adding my personal relevant experience.  **Due 2/11/17 at 9:00am Eastern Time VERY IMPORTANT TO COMPLETE BEFORE OR BY DUE DATE AND TIME!!MUST BE COLLEGE LEVEL APA 6.0This is for PSYCHOLOGY Class

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