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Reply to the discussion post below

Reply to the discussion post below


I believe men can have a strong bond, share thoughts and feelings,  express ourselves honestly, and have a full and meaningful friendship.  Mary Hunt explained the female friendships as ‘right relationships’  based on love, embodiment, power, and spirituality. She goes on to  explain each of these elements of ‘right relationships’ to manifest  friendships, which are both “liberating and witness to it”(Vernon,  2010). Unfortunately, I cannot draw from any personal experiences with  female friendship, but I can talk to my friends about it. One friend I  asked said, “I have close friendships with other women because we go  through the same experiences,” That leads me to believe that men, can  have that type of friendship as well. When asking my sister, she  replied, “I prefer the company of men because they do not judge.” I  found that observation interesting, in that I have at no point felt  judged by my male friends, instead when I do something I would consider  “judge worthy” my friends usually tell me how they would have handled  that situation.

I do not think any changes need to happen necessarily with friends  between men, but instead, we need to continue on our gradual  improvements on the idea of how to define a man in western cultures. As I  mentioned in my last discussion, generationally speaking, male friends  today are different than male friends of 60 years ago. The newer concept  of the “metrosexual male” coined by Mark Simpson and described as a man  “who consumes in all the best gyms, clubs, shops and hairdressers  (Vernon, 2010)”, could help speed the progress along. Metrosexuals  aren't just the guy at your gym wearing yoga pants with a man-bun in his  hair, but also the man who wants his shirts to fit well because he  wants to look ascetically pleasing to the eye. I think the term  metrosexual will be incredibly short-lived in history as it is just the  “missing link” between what we were and what we will soon be as a  gender.  


Vernon, M. (2010). The Meaning of Friendship. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

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