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Reply to the following discussion post below.

Reply to the following discussion post below.


My  perception is that societal changes are moving forward, but they are  coming faster than we’re ready for them. Even at the highest levels they  don’t have the answers. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Colorado  baker who on religious grounds didn’t want to make a cake for a gay  couple. But then said it wasn’t willing to hear a case about whether a  business owner’s religious beliefs or free speech rights can justify  refusing some services to gay people (Washington Post, 2019). They are a  lot smarter than me.

I have no problem with gay marriage. I believe it would be wrong of  me to get in the way of the happiness of two people. I don’t feel  confident enough in my beliefs to impose them on others. But then again,  I’m not very religious or political. The very religious and very  political seem to have the monopoly on telling people how to live.

I think the expansion of LGBTQ is impacting on society, but in a  minor way. Maybe it’s because of where I live (Colorado). It feels more  like, “Okay, if that’s what you want, I don’t really care, but don’t  bother me about it.” In my small circle of friends, which involves  mainly older conservative men, we just aren’t that interested. Just  don’t make it a big deal. I don’t want to hear about your relationships,  and I don’t make you listen to stories of my relationship with my wife.

I don’t think LGBTQ  has changed my perspective. I do wonder how many  more letter will to be added to LGBTQ. I can’t keep up. Q surprised me.  I was raised in a “live and let live” family. Just don’t make me listen  to all the nonsense, and don’t expect any special privileges because of  your sexuality. I have a hard time justifying any kind of special  treatment because of it. It has nothing to do with me, I didn’t do it.  Of course, we know that’s not how everyone feels. Just me.

I believe I am exactly what Foucault talked about. I’m the guy who  limits gay rights because I think only in terms of gaining gay rights  (Vernon, p. 206). But upon further review, maybe I’m exactly what  Foucault says the true goal should be. One which begins a process by  which people can find a way out of feeling the need to define themselves  according to a particular sexuality at all. Because I don’t care what  your sexuality is.

Foucault also said that modern society seems to be especially anxious  about the way people behave in it (Vernon, p. 207). Initially I thought  of the conservative right, and the religious right. But upon further  review I think it’s both left and right. I guess I’m the only one who  knows how things should be.

Vernon, M. (2010). The Meaning of Friendship. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. Chapter 6: Politics of Friendship

Barnes, Robert (2019, June 17). Supreme Court passes on case  involving baker who refused to make wedding cake for same-sex couple.  Retrieved from The Washington Post.

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