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 I chose the first five lines of the passage. The first five lines of the passage are very important. It is where it all started in the book of Genesis. We have all read or heard about the story of Adam and Eve. We all have been tested with temptation even though we may already know what is the right thing to do. Have you ever wondered or thought about why you chose to do wrong? In the book of Genesis, The forbidden fruit was eaten from the Tree of Knowledge which caused Adam to disobey God. The consequences of Adam and Eve eating from the forbidden tree is the result of what Milton described in the Paradise Lost as the reason that "priginal sin brought death to human beings for the first time, causing us to lose our home in paradise until Jesus comes to restore humankind to its former position of purity." The disobedience of humankind caused consequences that has and
will effect us until there is no more. 


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