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Respond to the classmate 623

Respond to the classmate 623

 Allyson Callihan Forum 5COLLAPSE

Effective communication between teachers and parents is necessary in building positive relationships and improving student academic achievement. When it comes to a student who has particular behavioral challenges, it is important to keep open and honest communication with their parents or guardians. The best way to improve a student's challenging behavior is to stay consistent across all aspects of their life, including their school and home life. This is why it is vital for teachers to have good communication with parents. In a previous post I discussed the use of point sheets to track student behavioral progress. These can not only be used as data collection, but also as "communication between adults at school and home" (Maag, 2018, p. 218). When the point sheets are completed for the day, they can be sent home with the student for parent viewing. The point sheets should be easily read and understood by not only staff but parents as well. This is a form of communication without having to speak directly to the parents but is still providing them an understanding of how the student behaved on specific days and how he or she is progressing. For example, if a student is displaying continuous vocal outbursts throughout class work, it can be distracting to other students. Working with the student on keeping a quiet mouth could target the problem behavior. The parents should be aware of when the behavior first occurred and how it has increased over time. Communication can be done through the traditional use of notes or letters between parents and teachers. However, newer technologies have also had a positive impact on student-teacher communication. Phone calls and emails have been used for some time, but newer applications include the use of mobile apps to communicate. A study was conducted on the implications of using this mobile app to communicate. Findings showed that using the app created an effective relationship and contributed to further parental involvement (Can, 2016). It also established cooperation between staff and parents and it was an effective tool to share information through.

" A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger" (Proverbs 15:1, English Standard Version). As this verse says, it is important to communicate in a calm and respectful tone. It can be difficult having to tell a parent that their child is acting out or showing inappropriate behaviors. When communicating, a teacher should always speak in a soft manner while still being honest and respectful to all individuals involved. 

Can, M., H. (2016). Use of mobile application: Means of communication between Parents and Class Teacher. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues. 8(3), 252-257. 

Maag, J, W. (2018). Behavioral management: from theoretical implications to practical application. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. 

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