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Revised HRMN DS

Revised HRMN DS

Select three methods for training (such as online training, on the job training, computer simulation or others found in the reading material for this week).1)Give a short description of the 3 training methods listed, (MEANING ALL 3)Also list the advantages and disadvantages of each training methods listed (MEANING ALL 3)a) Classroom trainingb) OJT-On the job trainingc) Online training method2)Give a description of which audience the training method best serves such as (leaders, managers, administrative staff, production workers, customer service employees just as some examples). 3) Finally provide and at least two metrics for evaluating the training methods listed.Please include bullet points  BE SURE TO PROVIDE INTEXT CITATIONS IN APA FORMAT ALONG WITH REFERENCE PAGE IN APA FORMAT AS WELL.(This Need To Be A Minimum of 250 words)

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