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second assignment

second assignment

 written assignment will be on the Medicare Program. The assignment will center on you answering questions submitted by a member of your family (probably your grandmother or grandfather) about the Medicare Program.Some of the questions they might have are:In general, what health care service does Medicare cover? List the major coverage’s for them  –like hospital etc.Can I keep my own doctor?  If so, how, if not, why not.Does Medicare cover me if I am away from my home in another state?.Is there a prescription drug benefit?Remember, this is a discovery assignment. Take your time and review the various websites and learn for yourself how the major US Government health insurance program works while you are answering your grandparents.Again, the format is to write your answers to the specific questions; tell them of other findings you think might be important for them to know and be sure to properly list your sources.for those international students or students who may not have grandparents, the omitted paragraph asked that you review the material on the medicare program and answer the questions listed in the assignment or add additional information that you determine is appropriate.**** IMPORTENT***I’m international student and i do not have grandparents 

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