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sexual behavior, deviance, and illegal behaviors

sexual behavior, deviance, and illegal behaviors


Explain the history of accepted sexual behavior, deviance, and illegal behaviors. What has changed in current times? Name some differences between states.

Read Chapter 1 of the text Abnormal Psychology, consider these questions, choosing one that resonates with you and respond to it, using your own words in sharing your thoughts with the class. Feel free to respond to other classmates and their selections as well!

1.1 How do we define abnormality and classify mental disorders?

1.2 What are the advantages and disadvantages of classification?

1.3 How common are mental disorders? Which disorders are most prevalent?

1.4 Why do we need a research-based approach in abnormal psychology?

1.5 How do we gather information about mental disorders?

1.6 What kinds of research designs are used to conduct research in abnormal psychology?

(Butcher, Hooley, Mineka, 2014)

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