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Short Cases / Discussion Memo – Business Strategy

Short Cases / Discussion Memo – Business Strategy

The memo should answer the Discussion Assignment question.  In addition, they should apply concepts from the chapter 7 readings.  Your answer should be logical and supported by facts from the case or facts you research on your own.  Do not present a summary of the case, but instead offer a well-supported evaluation using case information and incorporating concepts from the chapter readings.  Remember to cite any work that is not your own.These memos are to be approximately 1 page in length, single-spaced with minimum 10-point font.  They are to be submitted on Turnitin. Read all files that attached below and answer the following questions.Discussion assignment: Why did HTC worldwide market share in smartphones decline from 10.7% (Q2 2011) to less than 2% today?  What do you recommend to the company (can it stage a comeback)? Focus on product differentiztion! Case:HTC Corp in 2012, Differentiation, Chapter 7Extra articles: How HTC lost its way with smartphones” (WSJ 6/21/2013) How HTC Lost Its Way With Smartphones_WSJ06212013.pdf “A long fall for Taiwan smartphone maker” (NYT 9/8/2013) A Long Fall for Taiwan Smartphone Maker_NYT_09092013.pdf

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