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Sociology: Native Americans Living in the U.S

Sociology: Native Americans Living in the U.S

 Choose an Ethnic Group living in America (but not your own group) and right no more than a ten-page report detailing the following:

A) When and why did a substantial number of the Ethnic Group come to America?

B) Where did they settle in the United States and Why in that particular area?

C) What distinguishes the group from other ethnic groups?

D) How well has the ethnic group integrated into American life and to what extent have they tried to keep their own identity?

E) How has the indigenous population of America accepted this particular Ethnic Group?

You should use at least five (5) sources. One of your sources should be a book on the topic.

You must have a Title Page and bibliography of all sources used. You must use notations when quoting or paraphrasing. 

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