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Stafing Tel-Comm

Stafing Tel-Comm

Reading the file I uploaded and answer 3 questions. 250 words for each question.

1. In the world of Human Resources, the acronym "KSA" stands for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. Assessors apply it to evaluate candidates' qualifications in terms of the general requirements of a job, 

With this in mind, please identify the key advantage, in terms of knowledge, skills, or abilities, of each of the six candidates.

You need only identify and profile one dimension, whether it be knowledge, skills, or abilities, that you think fundamentally defines the particular candidate’s qualification for the position of Managing Director of TCT India.

Too, for the record, here's a quick profile:

  • Knowledge is the theoretical and practical understanding of the subject. It refers to facts, information, and insight acquired by a person through education and experience.
  • Skills are the capabilities or proficiencies developed through training or hands-on experience. Skills are the practical application of knowledge. 
  • Abilities  are the innate traits or talents that a person brings to a task or situation, such as analytical ability in solving problems or personal charisma in terms of negotiation.

2. As does each candidate have qualifications, each also has constraints, limitations, and challenges.

Again, put yourself in the position of the a member of the review committee that has been tasked with identifying the ideal candidate.  

Improving your evaluation requires that you identify each candidate's key constraint, limitation, or challenge that you believe poses a significant threat to his or her ability to do the job.

3. Now, it's decision time. You, as will your fellow committee members, each must rank order the six candidates based on your assessment of their respective qualifications and limitations

Thus, please rank-order the six candidates, from most to least qualified, for the position of managing director of TCT India. 

Include a brief justification for why you selected ________ as your top-ranked candidate.

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