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Statistic HW

Statistic HW

Use Excel to perform an analysis of the practice quiz #1 that we have been using. Do as many of the tasks as you can. Explore the capabilities of Excel to sort, analyze, and display the data.  Basic Excel will help with most of the tasks (see attached file for tips).To get some additional help with tasks you should make use of one of the following:“Analysis Tool Pack”To use the Toolpak, go to the Data Tab and select “Data Analysis” from the far right endSelect Data Analysis, and use and review some of the basic statistical tools there.“Histogram” and “Rank and Percentile” should be useful. The rank and percentage function found in the data analysis tool box does not compute Q1 and Q3 exactly as we have discussed (it rounds to the next highest actual number in the list), but you may use the Excel computed values.  Alternately,you can use the Quartile.Exc function to determine them correctly. Instructions for the use of these tools is built into Excel.Note that Box and Whisker charts are not part of “Analysis Tool Pack” but the basic statistics you need to draw your own are there. You may have to Load the Toolpak, if it doesn’t show up at the far right end of the Data Tab.  Here’s a link to:  MS Analysis Toolpak Instructions.pdfUnder “File” you should select “Options”In the “Options” window, you should select “Add-Ins” from the left sideAt the bottom of the “Add-Ins” window, next to Manage: select “Excel Add-ins” and click “Go”In the Add-Ins box that appears, check the box next to “Analysis ToolPak” and click “OK”

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