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Statistics Term Project

Statistics Term Project

The purpose of this project is to get your hands dirty working with real data.  If you have a data 

set that is appropriate to use from your own work experience, please feel free to do so.  If not, 

there are numerous free data sources covering a wide variety of topics.  Two excellent starting 

points are and (You will need to register 

to access Kaggle data, but it’s free).  

The finished product, or deliverable, is a 2-3 page report along with a spreadsheet containing the 

data you used in your project.  The report will need to include the following elements: 1) A clear 

definition of the question you are trying to answer, 2) Some type of graph, table, or chart that 

summarizes or explains what you are investigating, 3) Analysis of the data using the methods we 

have discussed in class, or some other method that you have discussed with me, 4) A conclusion 

that answers the “So what?” question.  The report should look neat and professional.  You are 

under no obligation to use Excel or R.  

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