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Students Post and Response Week 5 (for Hifsa Shakaut)

Students Post and Response Week 5 (for Hifsa Shakaut)


You must respond to 3 students post and each post shall be at least one paragraph long (five sentences) supported by literature where appropriate.  You are responding to the students paper I will send to you separately. The papers are consisted of these five questions:

(1) What do you believe are the key concepts in building law enforcement legitimacy? 

(2) What do you think are the prevailing opinions of the legitimacy of law enforcement in the United States? 

(3) How does Racial Profiling or Disproportionate levels of contact with specific ethnic groups’ effect law enforcement legitimacy? 

(4) How can probation, parole, and other law enforcement groups build legitimacy in the community?  

(5) How will your audit (Research Paper) help build integrity in the organization and ultimately legitimacy?  What are some of your early findings, if you have them?

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