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THC445 Principles of Ethics Week 8 Discussion REFLECTION

THC445 Principles of Ethics Week 8 Discussion REFLECTION

THC445 Principles of Ethics

Week 8 Discussion


This is an also good time to be looking back over this course and thinking ahead to what comes next for you.

Courses like this one intend to expand your horizons by bringing new ideas and more refined ways of thinking about the kinds of decisions and commitments that you will make both in career and in life as a whole.

This course is Foundations of Ethics. Whatever you do and wherever you do it, you have gained tools of thinking and analysis that will serve you well. Keep these tools handy and at the forefront of your attention — whatever it is that will come into your hands in the future. You are far more equipped for leadership than you were a few short weeks ago.

So, here are a few questions for this final week in class to help you reflect for the last formal assignment:

What of all that you have learned and practiced in this class will make the most significant impact(s) in your study of your declared major here at DeVry and in your career as you envision it?

How might this course experience connect with and inform you what you are looking forward to learning more about throughout your education and career as a lifelong learner?

Consider how one learns: how much learning is individual? How much learning is socially achieved by discussing with one or more people in a variety of roles?

To what extent is knowledge something one finds? To what extent is knowledge something one creates through interpretation, application, and analysis?

What are the differences between information and knowledge?

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