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The patient attempts to jerk her arm away as you are inserting the needle

The patient attempts to jerk her arm away as you are inserting the needle

The patient attempts to jerk her arm away as you are inserting the needle. CHAPTER 26 I ARTERIAL BLOOD GAS SAMPLING 425 You have reangled the needle three times and are still unable to get the blood sample. G. You notice swelling under the puncture site when you remove the needle. H. As you are corking the needle, you puncture your fingertip. Why does the IV bag in an arterial line setup need to be pressurized

6. You are attempting to obtain a sample from an arterial line and encounter the following difficulties. Identify the probable cause(s), if applicable, and describe all possible solutions to the problems. You observe blood back up halfway between the point of entrance of the catheter into the patient’s arm and the sampling port.

B. You drop the Luer-Lokcap on the floor.

C. After removing the discarded syringe from the Luer-Lok”, blood continues to flow onto the bedsheets.

D. As you are withdrawing the blood sample, the patient is moving her arm and blood is filling the springe intermittently.

E. After the removal of the sample, you are unable to flush the catheter. POTENCY IN RESPIRATORY CARE UN LABORATORY EXERCISES FOR COMPETENT Critical Thinking Questions Identify the conditions that would require compression of the er than 10 minutes during post puncture care.

Identify one condition that would require compression of the ans less than 5 minutes, Coagulant therapy, tronbolistic therapy, low platelet count or Cottage Prolaged clothing time.

2. Identify at least four complications of arterial line sampling and state how each can be presented @ Infection clean Site,

the right arm on Ms. Gordon, a 22-year-old African American woman. Since that her fingertips are cold to the touch. After the release of the ulnar artery, it takes 12 seconds for color to return to the palm. What actions should you take at this time? What are the possible causes of a negative Allen’s test in this patient? 4. While performing an arterial puncture on Ms. Gordon, the patient in Critical Thinking Question 3. you encounter the following difficulties. Describe all possible solutions for each problem. A. The tip of the needle touches the bedside table before insertion into the patient. the needle should be discarded to now needle should be taken a The artery seems to roll away from the needle each time you approach it. B. C. You are having difficulty feeling a pulse in the right (nondominant) arm. D. You observe a blood flash in the hub of the needle, and then blood flow stops

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