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W7: Emerging Trends and Future Impacts

W7: Emerging Trends and Future Impacts

 ATP format with 400 words minimum.

W7: Emerging Trends and Future Impacts

Graded Discussion:  Emerging Trends and Future Impacts

Create a new thread and address the following discussion question.

For your final discussion in this course, think about all that you have learned based on research and experience from this course in the realm of business intelligence and analytics.  Based on this gained knowledge, one hot area these days is big data analytics.  Knowing that organizations like Google and or other major social media outlets like Facebook are collecting so much data, would you foresee these big data analysis methods to have any negative or positive future impacts.  If so, what types of emerging trends would you foresee coming to keep the positive uses of big data analytics and to eliminate those negative impacts where big data analytics are being misused.  

Discussion Expectations

Please make sure to proof read your post prior to submission. They should be well written and free of grammatical or typographical errors.

Initial postings are due by Wednesday. You are encouraged to post your follow-up comments to different students and you can do more than two if you want and these peer replies are due by Saturday.  Postings should include scholarly detail with research support where appropriate

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