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Week 4 Discussion DQ1 Dissemination

Week 4 Discussion DQ1 Dissemination

NR709 DNP Project & Practicum IV

Week 4 Discussion

DQ1 Dissemination

The discussion for this week is focused on your final plans for dissemination. You have considered this issue when you developed your project proposal but your plans have likely changed. Describe your plan for sharing the results of your project with the stakeholders at your practicum/project setting. Also, describe plans for conference poster or podium presentation and publication. Do you have a specific regional or national conference in mind? Which journal are you considering for submission of your manuscript? Which of these will be most crucial for you to focus on to assure dissemination of your DNP Project results?

DQ2 DNP Project Update

Please use this discussion thread to provide your instructor and student colleagues with an update on implementation phase of your DNP Project.

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