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White collar crime

White collar crime

There are two questions attached. Follow Rubric and cite sources in APA format.

Question 1: Write at least a one page research paper (per Rubric) wrapping ALL of the below questions into your paper:

A.  What are the benefits of being able to use RICO law to address white collar crime?

B.  What are the arguments for and against such an approach?

C.  Do you believe the use of RICO law to pursue white collar criminals is a legitimate use of the law, or an expansion of the law that was never intended?  If so, should this affect the way the law is currently used?


Question 2:  Write a one page paper that fully explains, define and provide examples of how and why each concept below works to prevent/minimize White Collar Crime within the Corporate world;

**Sarbanes-Oxley Act

**Corporate Governance

**What are some of the possible affects of Government regulations vs. Corporate internal controls on Capitalism?

separate sources to correlate with question

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