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writing assignment

writing assignment

Your Assignment task: 

You will be writing a short "whitepaper" style of 1 of the following topics below: 

1500-2000 words. Times New Roman. 12 size font. 1.5 spacing. 

Format Sections: 



-Discussion and Use Cases and Facts/Referenced/Evidences (At least 3 referenced use cases examples/citations (prior or most current examples) 


-Reference links/Citations

1) The impact of Artificial Intelligence AI (or ANY topic of below) on ANY one industry – Financial Services, Real Estate, Energy, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, Education, Consumer Packaged Goods, Travel, Transportation, Food, etc. or any other industry. You will need to provide references to current usages (benefits/opportunities) or other potential use cases for the industry. You will formulate your positioning/reasoning using the information (facts or opinions) that you research. Statista – is a great site for infographics and research information. Any other publications/references will do as well. You will provide at least 3 current or prior use cases/examples of such technology being implemented across industry. You will finally conclude with your summary. Also provide references. 

2) The impact of Blockchain (similar to #1)

3) The impact of Data Analytics / Cloud Computing (similar to #1) 

4) The impact of Mobile Computing (similar to #1) 

5) The impact of Internet of Things (IOT / IIOT) (similar to #1) 

6) The impact of Quantum Computing (similar to #1) 

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